Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Below:                                                                                                          I am having a sale!  ...


I Can Write Collection #2- In My Classroom (Picture Word Cards)Preschool Lesson Plans Week 1-4                                                                                 

                       I am having a sale! 

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I Can Write Collection #1-Numbers 1-25 (Picture Word Cards)                                                                             Roll & Cover Dice Boards for Preschool and above

Saturday, July 14, 2018

 Free Books for Your Child

I am excited to be sharing with you a link that will bring a book a month to your child (ages 0-5), delivered to your home!!! 

This program was developed and promoted by Dolly Parton (yes the country music singer). She has made it her mission to provide more than 1,000,000 books FREE to children.
For more information and to register follow the link below. 

The link below has a code that you can scan with your phone to register online.

                            SJC Imagination Library Flyer with QR code

***This offer is for St. Joseph County/ South Bend Indiana residents. Program may not be available in other areas.*** Please check availability by visiting an official site. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Below & Beyond 5's: New Bookkits

Below & Beyond 5's: New Bookkits: Miss Vicki's Bookkits are once again available ! What are Miss Vicki's Bookkits?  A collection (usually 3) of children's bo...

New Bookkits

Miss Vicki's Bookkits are once again available !

What are Miss Vicki's Bookkits?  A collection (usually 3) of children's books related to the topic of the entire bookkit. A bookkit is a bag (fabric or canvas) stuffed with books, hand made activities such as file folder games, toys or a stuffed animal. Each bookkit is educational and  fun !

These items were once sold on Teachers Pay Teachers- unfortunately they no longer deal with hard goods. Because of their choice these items have been moved to ETSY! 

 Click Here    ETSY

                                                              Currently 3 bags are available: 
Fish Take Home Literacy Bag, Fall Take Home Literacy Bag and Pete the Cat Take Home Literacy Bag.

                               For details and ordering visit:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Below & Beyond 5's: Roll & Cover Dice Game Boards Pictured is "Easte...

Below & Beyond 5's: Roll & Cover Dice Game Boards

 Pictured is "Easte...
: Roll & Cover Dice Game Boards   Pictured is "Easter Roll & Cover Dice GAme Boards" Hours of FUN!   Available a...

Pictured is "Easter Roll & Cover Dice GAme Boards"

Hours of FUN! 
 Available at

Colorful eggs are numbered 1-6 with the digit and the word. Children can roll a die and mtach the number rolled to the correct egg. I used mini eraser bunnies and carrots to fill the eggs. Roll a six - count out six of the markers.

Or children can just count out the number needed to fill the corresponding egg. 

"Pots of Gold" board (pictured to the right) is included in the set of 20 boards.  

For markers for this board I used plastic gold coins and crystals, like the ones found in foral departments. 

Benefits of playing Roll & Cover Dice Games

  1. Number recognition, number name recognition & letter recognition
  2. Coutning Practice
  3. Cooperative play
  4. Comparing of numbers - smaller, larger, less than and more than
  5. Independent working (children can use alone or be part of a group)

When purchasing the Roll & Cover Dice Game Boards 
You get 20 boards !  Included are: puppies, trains, Christmas items, frogs, Easter, St.Patricks Day, flowers, cookies and MORE!  Some boards include markers that go with board- frogs has markers that are flies.  
Simple and Quick to create- purchase file, download and laminate boards. Markers may need to be cut out. 

What is great is that you can print an unlimited amount of boards for one price!! If you need six print six, if you need 25 print that amount. 

Available for $12.00 (thats .60 a board)

CLICK HERE to visit TpT site!