Saturday, November 12, 2016

I wanted to do something different for small group on this day because it was a "No School Day" for our public schools and I knew I would have school age children with us. The activity that started as a small group exploration activity quickly turned to an all day event. children signed- in at the light table during their work time (AKA- free choice time, play time etc.) Objects that were placed on and explored included: dried up old leaves, arcylic shapes, paper in assorted colors, and even a hotwheels car. The children spent on average 20 minutes at the table building large objects with the colored shapes. 

Skills promoted this day include: fine motor skills (writing and dexterity), hand eye coordination, color and shape recognition, math skills (counting, comparison of size and shape, and creative representation. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Below & Beyond 5's: During the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving...

Below & Beyond 5's: During the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving...: During the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving my kiddos engage in many activities focused on "FAMILY" Our "I am Thank...
During the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving my kiddos engage in many activities focused on "FAMILY"
Our "I am Thankful for...." Classroom quilt is constructed of construction paper. This year the quilt squares will be divided by a festive border. The idea is for children to draw/ design their own quilt square showing what they are thankful for. Since the children vary in ages between 3 and 5, they are asked questions such as "what makes you happy?" and "who do you love?" (to get answers like mommy and daddy)
This quilt is dispalyed until Thanksgiving break and then sent home for a keepsake for parents.
They really enjoy doing this project.

The children also create a "Family Portrait" during the month of November.  I make a list of all people living in the child's house and label each circle. The children then draw the features of their family members. Have had children include the family dog and cat! After the masterpiece is completed the work is laminated and framed. What a great Christmas present to Mom or Dad.

All this collected information about the children's family is turned into graphs for MATH and WRITING activities.  Some of the graph titles included are : 
I have a Sister
I have a Brother
I live in a House
I live in an Apartment
I have a dog
I have a cat

For a graphing bundle including 291 pages visit the link below. (includes "All about Me, My Grandma, My Grandma, My Sister, My Brother and more!)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fish Take Home Literacy Bag
   Ideal for PreK - 2nd grade                                                                    Math Activity- File Folder Game
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Construction Site Take Home Literacy & Math Bag
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Feelings Take Home Literacy Bag
Includes "This is what I look like when I feel..."  activity /journal pages. 1 page per alphabet letter

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Below & Beyond 5's: Classroom Birthday BookBirthday Book is available ...

Below & Beyond 5's: Classroom Birthday BookBirthday Book is available ...: Classroom Birthday Book Birthday Book is available at Miss Vicki's Bookkits/ Below & Beyond 5's  for $12.00 plus shipping...
Classroom Birthday Book
Birthday Book is available at Miss Vicki's Bookkits/ Below & Beyond 5's  for $12.00 plus shipping. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whats new at Miss Vicki's Bookkits/ Below and Beyond 5's
Miss Vicki's Bookkits Miss Vicki's Bookkits
                      Math and Writing Skill Builders

18 pages of math and writing skill building practice. 
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Math and Writing Skill Builders
20 pages of math and writing skill building practice.

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"FishTake Home Literacy and Math Bag"  includes: one hand sewn fabric drawstring bag stuffed with 3 books ("The Pout-Pout Fish", "Fish had a Wish" and "Swim, Fish" by National Geographic Kids),  "Go Fish Alphabet" card game, "Open Can of Worms" filefolder game, a plush toy, Math and Writing Skill Builders and information for parents and teachers. Hours of learning and fun in one BAG!   Only $26.50

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"My Books Bad Day" Review Page

When "My Books Bad Day" was read aloud to 25 children between the ages of 3 & 8 here is what they had to say........

Tarryn (age 5)- "Miss Carrie where is book two, I want to know if Eloise gets a new book."

Madelyn (age 4) (who "reads" it independently every other day)- "Eloise should listen to her mom"

Avery (age6)- "My cat ripped up my paper once just like Eloise's cat, its a bad kitty."

Words that describe "My Books Bad Day"-

Cute       Adorable    


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016


My Books' Bad Day

Seven year old Eloise loved her book. She recieved the book when she was four years old. Her favorite book had gone on many journeys with her, to school, the parkand grandmas house. The journey ends when her book is mishandled by friends, a bad kitty, a playful puppy and her younger brother Edward. The book is run over by a dump truck, falls in a sink filled with soap and water, colored in and even ripped. Despite all her mothers warnings about the book being ruined Eloise shares her book with others and forgets to place the book on the shelf when not reading it. In the end Eloise and her mom try effortlessly to repair the book before they cuddle in the rocking chair and develop a plan to get Eloise a new book for her birthday.

PRICE: $ 9.99 Prints in 3-5 days

Monday, June 13, 2016

Available Soon in Print

Meet Eloise- She is a seven year old girl who tells of the mishaps of her FAVORITE BOOK

Eloise tapes her book after the dog ate the corners, her brother runs over it with a dump truck and the cat shreds the pages with the real gold!

Oh No! Relive the day that Eloise and her friends get together with chocolate cake and ice cream, leaving her in tears as her book is mangled, ruined and destroyed.  Despite the reminders from her mom, Eloise struggles to repair her book.

She loves her book, especially the page with the beautiful blonde princess.

48 pages- including teacher tips for building a rich vocabulary, a vocabulary list of words from the story and a breif note about the author and illustrator!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

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                    Creepy Crawly Math Practice

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Counting Practice, comparing sets
Writing Numbers, Number Names, Fine Motor Development
Matching Numbers
Number Order, Sequencing, What comes next

Writing Numbers, Writing Number Names, Ten Frame