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                               Snap Shots from the Preschool Room

Fall Sensory Table: corn, sunflower seeds, fabric leaves, crystal shaped acorns,
pumpkins and leaves. Added scoops, bowls, and cups for sorting, filling and dumping.

 Spiders in a Web: web is constructed of yarn. 100 plastic spiders were added for a fine motor activity. Children removed spideers with tongs and their hands. The spiders were placed on a number line for counting. This activity was used day after day. They were sad to see it go...but I needed my laundry basket at home.

Alphabet Soup- a large soup pan is filled with magnetic alphabet letters and numbers. The chidren were given disposable bowls to scoop their soup into using a plastic slotted spoon. When the bowls were filled children identified the letters and numbers in their bowls. Great activity for younger children just learning their letters and numbers. Children sorted the pieces by color, found letters in their names and much more....It is never the same bowl of soup twice!


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