Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Sensory Table

 Fall is HERE! 
This is an exciting time of the year as nature has provided us (Teachers) with an abundance of learning opportunities...To stimulate the senses in my activity room, which on any given day contains 15-20 young minds I added this to my sensory table...

What is it ?  It is 25 pounds of CRITTER FOOD (corn and sunflower seeds - MINUS the PEANUTS) plus crystal acorns, pumpkins gourds and fabric leaves....  
Activities using Critter Food can include:
All the senses (except tasting)- visual, smelling, touching, hearing
Math Activities- counting, patterning, measuring & comparing qauantity 
Science Activities- sorting, ordering, seriation (big, bigger, biggest or small, smaller, smallest), simularities and differences
Art Actiivties- collages (gluing), painting, making rainsticks and shakers (using the corn and sunflower seeds
Fine Motor Skills- filling, dumping

For more Fall suggestions keep checking back!

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