Thursday, November 12, 2015

I am thankful for... (Preschool Activity)

Thanksgiving...a time for FAMILY,FRIENDS, FESTIVITIES, TRADITIONS and GIVING. In the preschool room one of our traditions is to make a paper quilt wall hanging, showing off who the little one's hold near and dear to their hearts. Of course it takes encouragement, a few class discussions, and research on the teacher's part to find out the correct spellings of family members names.

I try to begin the project right around the first of November. I start by re-aloud books on families. I draw my family (as best as I can) and encourage the children to do the same. During several small group times, the children draw their families on colorful construction paper. I choose red, yellow and orange as it seems appropriate for fall.

At the top of the page I write ______________ is thankful for... This allows children an opportunity to write their names. I also put the month and year at the bottom.

I assemble the quilt by taping border to the wall forming squares. Then place the finished family portrait in the square. Doing the border and placing art work on top seems to be the easiest method. Once it is complete and hanging it is time for show and tell. I direct all parents to the quilt and point out their child's masterpiece.  They all LOVE IT !

During the week of Thanksgiving be certain to send home the finished pieces so the family can display the piece at their gatherings. By being dated the piece is a treasured keepsake..

Happy Thanksgiving!

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