Tuesday, November 1, 2016

During the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving my kiddos engage in many activities focused on "FAMILY"
Our "I am Thankful for...." Classroom quilt is constructed of construction paper. This year the quilt squares will be divided by a festive border. The idea is for children to draw/ design their own quilt square showing what they are thankful for. Since the children vary in ages between 3 and 5, they are asked questions such as "what makes you happy?" and "who do you love?" (to get answers like mommy and daddy)
This quilt is dispalyed until Thanksgiving break and then sent home for a keepsake for parents.
They really enjoy doing this project.

The children also create a "Family Portrait" during the month of November.  I make a list of all people living in the child's house and label each circle. The children then draw the features of their family members. Have had children include the family dog and cat! After the masterpiece is completed the work is laminated and framed. What a great Christmas present to Mom or Dad.

All this collected information about the children's family is turned into graphs for MATH and WRITING activities.  Some of the graph titles included are : 
I have a Sister
I have a Brother
I live in a House
I live in an Apartment
I have a dog
I have a cat

For a graphing bundle including 291 pages visit the link below. (includes "All about Me, My Grandma, My Grandma, My Sister, My Brother and more!)

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