Sunday, January 7, 2018

It is the last day of winter break....

I was thinking that I should be sleeping in, but honestly the last few nights have been filled with restless sleep. Why? because I have had two weeks off for break and I realized that come tomorrow morning my room at work will be filled with children that have also been away for two weeks. Plus my room is still decorated from Christmas and we have a ton of snow and it has been too cold to go outdoors which is supposed to carry on into the week.

So am I panicking- No just thinking about all that needs to be done to get my room together and more importantly than having a newly decorated room- what am I going to do with the children that are missing mommy, overly tired, wanting to play with their toys from home and  with those children who have completely forgotten all the safety and behavioral rules. 

Yes Pinterest and Facebook are filled with millions of awesome ideas, many of which I may try. There was one item on Facebook that I felt was something that I could use for days to come...

   100 Books Every Child Should Hear Before

For your list of 100 Books Every Child Should Hear Before Kindergarten follow the link above. There is much information on this site.

I have looked at the list and checked off the books that I have read to my preschoolers- but I have a long way to go! As I earn a check mark next to another book I will post the book and any activities that we do along with the book. 

Can I complete the list this school year??? I am up for the challenge.

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